New Music Critique: Ghouls of Hollywood

Ghouls of Hollywood
Contact: [email protected]

Web: ghoulsofhollywood.com

Seeking: Film/TV
Style: Production Music, Film Score

These instrumental themes, each clocking in at under 1:20, are immediately recognizable as haunted house music, the kind of stuff where the ghouls’ tongues are planted firmly in cheek, not their fangs in your neck.  Each similar-sounding theme— ”Ghost In The Stereo, “Svengali Lives,” “Scary Stories”—has a propulsive beat, a relentless synth flow and a bombastic organ tone that has just enough gooey cheese on it to give the music an element of over-the-top fun. It’s the kind of music that’ll lure you into a Halloween Haunted House ride, as opposed to fleeing in terror from a sadistic psycho’s lair.  The Ghouls of Hollywood could likely find interest in this music from seasonal theme parks and family-style TV programs.