New Music Critique: Eternal Frequency 


Eternal Frequency 
Contact: [email protected]

Web: eternalfrequencyband.com

Seeking: Label, Film/TV
Style: Hard Rock

“I’m more than just a bitch,” wails Emmele of Central PA fivesome Eternal Frequency. And we do agree—she’s a great singer, bringing her powerhouse GaGa/Benatar pipes to bear on electro-seasoned hard-rock songs such as the inspiring “Breathe In/Breathe Out.” Excellent production bathes Emmele and the band in cavernous reverb, yet makes sure her every word is crisply delivered. The aggression level rises on “A.I.,” (“F*ck your Artificial Intelligence!”) adding an industrial element, a dubstep breakdown and a brief male screamo feature to the mix. It is a recording that should be considered for video game licensing. Strong drums, both live and programmed, are central to the impact of “Step Up.”