Live Review: ART OF SHOCK at Loaded


Material: ART OF SHOCK’s lyric concepts are typical for metal music genres, though they carry a poetic element that adds color. “Living Like the Devil” is about defiant lifestyles and angst. The band reinforces these themes with a turbulent chorus, “We are the rebels, we’re living like there’s no tomorrow, we are the chosen ones, we’re living like the devil.” But ART OF SHOCK’s music is not limited to the rock & roll style. Other material features bolder, more creative ideas. “Deathstar Supernova” is about a force conquering and destroying the world, containing verses such as “suffocate the sun ‘til all life is gone, here comes the deathstar supernova.”

Musicianship: The band adheres to an ‘80s speed/thrash metal style but also bears a modern melodic metal sound. While this is an extremely exceptional band of players, the vocals are equally pedestrian. Art Geezar’s vocal texture and range is limited to higher pitches and lacks novelty. Fortunately for the band, the harmonic backup vocals contributed by Ertel compensate for Geezar’s shortcomings. Drummer Adrian Geezar presents a fair foundation for the music but is not remarkable.

Performance: Stage presence is not ART OF SHOCK’s mainstay, particularly frontman Art Geezar’s ‘80s stage gimmicks. On the upside, lead guitarist Ertel demonstrated vigor and stamina throughout the show via keen emotive playing, rhythmic action and appropriate gestures. Though the band played to a nearly packed house, the audience did not show much animation or frenzy until the final song, a rendition of Metallica’s “Hit the Lights.”

Summary: ART OF SHOCK is absolutely relevant in the Hollywood rock club scene, where ‘80s glam and thrash metal are still alive and fashionable. However, if they intend to break through to mainstream success, the band should consider revamping their overall stage persona and, in particular, add modern rock elements that will make their sound distinctive and fresh.

Players: Art Geezar, vocals, rhythm guitar; Nick Ertel, lead guitar; Adrian Geezar, drums; Sam Harman, bass.

Venue: Loaded
City:  Los Angeles, CA
Web: facebook.com/artofshockofficial