Ember Atom new music critique

New Music Critique: Ember Atom


Calgary-based Ember Atom has a gift for up-energy, critical-mass, mainly synth-driven pop-rock that’s dead-on for alt-rock radio. Yes, “The Rip” is vocally overheated and grew tiresome for us due to a hook that doesn’t sustain. But “The Bright Lights” and especially the dynamic “What You Came For” have commercial potential. The former is propelled by big, buoyant drum beats, a “horn” section, and moderately fx’d vocals that breathe plenty of pop-rock vitality. The latter song, with its echoing, oh-oh-oh-so catchy call-and-response hook, is a potential hit and could complement a film or TV party scene. We especially admire how the fx’d vocals are skillfully mixed to both fit in and rise above the sonic slaw.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: emberatom.com
Seeking: Publicity, Film/TV, Label, Distrib.
Style: Indie Rock, Alt-Pop

Ember Atom - "What You Came For"

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