David Gerald

New Music Critique: David Gerald

Production 7

Detroit-based David Gerald is a solid blues-rocker whose superior musicianship outshines his ability to craft songs that really catch fire. “Don’t Wanna Fall In Love” is a pounding, driving, fairly catchy tune that, despite echoes of Lenny Kravitz, never quite overcomes its plodding beat or a sound mix that muffles the singer’s vocals. “N2U” shifts gears to a lighter, laidback vibe, and really comes alive when the exceptional lead guitar licks (and falsetto vocal notes) start to fly. Gerald’s Mississippi roots are loud and clear on “Hug You Squeeze.” Recorded live, the song channels classic Chess and Sun Records artists and is a good indication that David Gerald and company would deliver a fun, roots-rocking show.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: davidgerald.com
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Style: Blues, Rock