New Music Critique: Charred Funk


This rock-solid New York trio are led by guitarist Peter Milo, who brings a bonafide virtuosity to his fretwork. Each instrumental theme by the band follows a similar formula, with bass and drums forming a groove-heavy foundation for Milo to strut upon, deploying one scorching solo after another, exhibiting a battery of fingering techniques, apparently from multiple guitars. We only wish there was room for the bassist and drummer to deliver more than what’s heard here. Material is decent, kinda catchy, but “Ironclad Groove” (despite its head-bobbin’ groove) lost us toward the end of its 4+ minutes. “Funk In A” is the ideal length at 2:13. “Mister Jimi” has nice Hendrix echoes throughout. Keep working, guys.

Contact: [email protected]

Web: charredfunk.nlz.it

Seeking: Radio play, Exposure

Style: Instrumental Rock