New Music Critique: Aveya


Contact: [email protected]
Web: instagram.com/aveya.music
Seeking: Booking
Style: Progressive Metal, Film Score

Aveya is a prolific guitarist and composer, a Berklee film scoring grad. Her LP, Earth Still Breathes, is a conceptual instrumental, especially fitting for the emotionally charged nature of the year, giving life and animation to the natural world, with compositions titled “Forest,” “Ashes,” “Broken Sky” and “Mobius Strip.” The latter is written in odd-time and mixed meter piano, accompanied by a complex metal rhythm section. The playing is excellent all-around, with impressive intuition by Aveya on solo guitar, with strings, bass, pianists and engineers––a great group effort from talented young maestros. The result is a self-contained soundscape, begging to be performed in concert halls or placed in film and TV.