New Music Critique: Amanda Ayala 


Amanda Ayala 
[email protected]


Seeking: Label, Booking, Film/TV
Style: Pop, Singer-Songwiter

A former contestant on tv’s The Voice, Amanda Ayala’s song “Rags to Riches” is most likely inspired by that head-spinning Hollywood experience. It is a crafty, hooky (somewhat dated sounding) pop song pushing all the right buttons in its smooth, sophisticated production, especially when it comes to the artist’s soft but resonant voice. It’s a voice that can also at times produce an aching quality or a huskiness, whenever a song needs it, as “Just Tell Me,” amid the density of synth layers. “Hooked” is a pensive, serious song that’s urban-influenced, complete with a trap electronic drumbeat and lots of pop FX. An exceptional singer, we urge Amanda Ayala to seek out exceptional material.

"Rags To Riches” is STREAMING NOW!

Saturday, Sept 2nd - the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Hudson Valley.

Saturday, Sept 23rd - the E Fest in Springfield, MA

Oct 10-13th - MONDO in NYC