All This Huxley

New Music Critique: All This Huxley


Philly-based four-piece All This Huxley deliver an earnest, hale & hearty brand of folk-rock exemplified by the song “Stockholm,” wherein the band’s lead singer (in a deep, breathy voice) intones a story with western overtones. At least it seems like a story—the muddy mix on his voice makes all but a few phrases incomprehensible. “Comrade II” is better vocally, as it is sung in a higher register as it rides along a calming, rustic vibe. By the time we heard “One of These Things,” the band’s consistently flatline songwriting style finally overcame us and we all curled up for a nap. No, not really, but the group’s knack for sticking to one octave through an entire song was enough to wear us out.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: allthishuxley.com
Seeking: Film/TV, Booking
Style: Indie