Update: The MusicPro Cafe

Music companies webcast a fourth concert sponsored by PreSonus, Disc Makers and Merchly to give artists paid performances and a chance to “Pass The Hat.” This MusicPro Cafe will feature performances by: Jae Jin, Avian Haviv, Molly Healey, Nyck Caution, Sammie Jay and Anthony Arya.

MusicPro Insurance, PreSonus, Discmakers and Merchly will create an online show where selected musicians perform and can receive tip revenue directly from viewers. The one-hour show will webcast simultaneously on Zoom, Facebook Live and YouTube at 9PM EDT on Saturday, May 16. Artists will also receive PreSonus’ Studio One digital audio workstation and promotional merchandise from Discmakers and Merchly. This will be the fourth webcast in support of independent musicians in the MusicPro Café series.

Musicians are now famously performing from their homes via social media and streaming sites, entertaining a populace “sheltering in place” and in need of diversion. However, with clubs, cafes and other live music venues closed, those musicians who depend on local gigs, are themselves in need. Not only have their day jobs ended, but their performance income is also gone.

MusicPro Insurance presents The MusicPro Café sponsored by PreSonus, Discmakers and Merchly will feature six in-home performances by a curated roster of musicians. The artists each answered a call sent by various music industry companies and organizations and simply replied with links to their music in order to apply.

When: Saturday, May 16, 9PM EST
Where: musicprocafe.com

“We’ve been insuring musicians’ instruments and equipment for over 20 years,” said MusicPro’s Laura Donelan. “We’re now working for them in another way, but the concept of protecting careers by supporting musicians during these trying times is the same.”