Raspin Stuwart

New Music Critique: Raspin Stuwart


Well-seasoned and backed by expert players and production talent, Raspin Stuwart has a well-weathered quality that will appeal to a mature crowd. The artist taps into his folk-blues roots with “Down Low,” showing off a voice that, while not distinctive, is plenty deep and relaxing and sounds good when accompanied by sassy backup ladies and a brassy speakeasy-style saxophone that injects a hint of vintage color. “NY2LA” is laidback, sweet ‘n breezy, and it brings forth a whole different demeanor, a relaxing acoustic vibe with borderline corny lyrics. “Lovin’ You” is a soulful, straight-up love ballad, a “goodbye” tune on which the tender touch of Stuwart’s backup players really shines through.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: raspinstuwart.com
Seeking: Distribution, Publisher
Style: Eclectic Singer-songwriter