Singer Songwriter Anna Graceman

Unsigned Artist: Anna Graceman


Discover Anna Graceman - Self Produced Piano Balladeer

Anna Graceman a self-produced piano balladeer who writes well for herself, allowing her strong, confident tone to extract all the emotional juice from words of heartbreak. The thoughtful “Dust” (though too long at 5+ minutes) is impressive for its philosophical views and frustrating for its elusive hook. And that’s a problem we find with other tunes from
 Graceman, including “Heartbreaking Truth”
 and “Ghost Town”—both of which are soulfully presented yet somehow not as melodically
 memorable as they could be. However, there’s plenty of promise on display from this talented, young singer/songwriter, and we urge her to not only tighten her material, but develop a lighter side with an upbeat tune or two that will help her achieve a balanced palette.

Contact: [email protected]
Seeking: Booking
Style: Singer/Songwriter

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