Myspace Announces Launch of New Platform Across Desktop and Mobile


The new Myspace (www.myspace.com) has launched, bringing the rebuilt platform out of beta and debuting a new mobile app available for free at the App Store (http://appstore.com/myspace). According to an official press release, "Myspace is designed to showcase creativity, foster collaboration, and promote discovery. New features and tools work seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices to provide an integrated and complementary experience."

“The magic of Myspace has always been at the intersection of creative expression, community, promotion, and discovery,” said Myspace CEO Tim Vanderhook. “Myspace aims to power a new ecosystem catering directly to the creative community, enabling artists to manage their digital presence, build an audience, upload and distribute their content, and learn from data all on a single platform.”

The new Myspace is officially available at www.myspace.com. Profiles from Classic Myspace have been upgraded to the new platform, so that members can log in using Classic Myspace, Facebook, or Twitter account credentials and access their content and connections easily.

The mobile app is available exclusively for iOS devices at www.AppStore.com. A mobile-optimized version of the new Myspace is available for non-iOS consumers as well.