PRS Guitars Brings Back the NF3 Model in the SE Series

PRS Guitars has announced the SE NF3 guitar, bringing the company’s lauded Narrowfield pickups in the SE Series for the first time. Perfect for rock, blues, gospel, country, or jazz, this is a distinct guitar in the PRS SE lineup.

The heart of this guitar is the trio of PRS Narrowfield pickups. The Narrowfield DD (Deep Dish) “S” pickups are made with taller bobbins to fit more winds and extra metal pieces in between the magnets for a more focused, powerful tone.

“We started the development of the NF3 “S” pickup with the NF 53, so it has been an ongoing project for a while. What has amazed us all, is the way we are furthering the art of “reverse engineering” our own concepts and achieving success in tone inside of the SE Series,” said Jack Higginbotham, PRS Guitars COO. “Beyond the pickups, this guitar harkens back almost 35 years to our original EG, which I was deeply involved in. The neck and the neck body assembly were born of the SE Silver Sky originally and refined with the SE CE and Swamp Ash Special. So, in a way, it is a brand new guitar that is built on ideas spanning decades and reaching to the very cutting edge of our current engineering and design philosophies.”

Bev Fowler, PRS Guitars Director of Artist and Community Relations also commented, “We recently took the PRS SE NF3 down to our Nashville Artist Showroom with the PRS DGT 15 amplifier – what a pairing! Artists were raving about the NF3’s versatility, and we watched as they down-tuned, played slide, and got great clean blues tone all out of the same guitar. It was an inspiring day for everyone.”

The PRS SE NF3 also features a poplar body, 22-fret bolt-on maple neck, and the choice of either a rosewood or maple fretboard. Anchored with PRS’s patented tremolo, this guitar can bend and flutter with ease.

To hear the PRS SE NF3 and for full specifications, visit www.prsguitars.com