Muzicard 50-Piece Package USB Card Freebie - (archive: 11/18/16)

Enter to Win a USB Music Card Package from Muzicard in This Week’s Friday Freebie!


Muzicard is a 2GB card (with lanyard) USB drive with functionality similar to a CD and much more. Cards come with custom printing on front/back, and an album widget that contains an audio player, video player, album art, social media connections, fan sign-ups and sponsorship opportunities.

The album widget works with PC, Mac, smart phones, tablets, smart TV’s and

vehicles that support USB media. The main functions of the widget operate within the card itself without an Internet connection. Users are able to open the widget and press play on computers, and in vehicles, fans can plug in and enjoy autoplay.

This Friday Freebie package comes with all of Muzicard’s available programming options and one year of free hosting.


Muzicard is a music tech company founded in 2015 in Nashville, TN. The company provides cutting-edge, music distribution tools. Muzicard’s affordable, re-loadable USB-based solution helps artists save more and earn more from their physical sales while providing a unique interactive multimedia experience to their fans.

Retail value: $519