MusicPro Café to Honor Black History Month

MusicPro Insurance and Sterling Select Entertainment will present another MusicPro Cafe this Thursday night, Feb. 25 at 8PM EST. The show is the latest in a series of music performances webcast simultaneously on Zoom, YouTube, and Facebook Live. This episode will honor Black History Month with performances by a stellar line-up of musicians including The Voice’s first season winner, and a finalist from season nine, and like the others offered since the start of the pandemic, it’s been created to provide paying gigs for musicians whose livelihoods have been severely impacted.

In addition to guaranteed payments provided by Sterling Select and MusicPro, the artists receive tip revenue paid directly by viewers to each performers’ e-commerce accounts. Artists also receive gear and merchandise from the show’s sponsors, including PreSonus, IK Multimedia, iZotope, Pandora AMP and TAXI A&R.

This MusicPro Cafe will feature: Nadjah Nicole, Nicole Henry, Javier Colon, Brae Leni, Melo Roze and Destiny Stone.

With clubs, cafes and other live music venues closed, performing musicians who depend on local gigs are themselves in need. Not only have many of their day jobs ended, but their performance income is now also gone. The MusicPro Café gives artists a chance to reach a large audience of viewers and earn an evening’s pay. Viewers going to the MusicPro Café website will find links to watch and listen on Zoom, YouTube or Facebook Live, or they can see the show’s recording afterward on YouTube.

Watch on: Musicprocafe.com