Musicians Surpass $100M in Sales Through Bandzoogle

Bandzoogle’s members have reached a significant milestone, surpassing $100 million in commission-free sales of music, merch, and tickets through their websites.

Bandzoogle’s built-in eCommerce tools provide musicians with multiple ways to generate revenue. These include selling music, merch and tickets, offering fan subscriptions, crowdfunding, selling digital merch, accepting virtual tips, and more. Since launching a direct-to-fan MP3 download feature in 2006, the music website platform has never taken a cut of sales.

“One of our priorities has always been to help musicians make more money from their music, which is why we've never taken a commission from sales,” says Bandzoogle CEO Stacey Bedford. “We’re so proud that our members have reached such an incredible milestone, especially since all of that money went directly to them.”

The $100M milestone for Bandzoogle members also highlights the importance of merch sales for musicians. Of the $100M in total sales, merch sales represent 75% of the total revenue.

Merch was also the top income generator for over 70% of the top 50 sellers in 2022. With Bandzoogle adding an integration with print-on-demand platform Printful in 2021, as well as launching new bundling and upselling tools this past year, many of the top sellers on the platform have used these additional tools to drive more revenue for their careers.