New Music Seminar Co-Partners With Music Connection, Offers Artist Showcases

New Music Seminar

This year’s New Music Seminar will be co-sponsored by Music Connection and will take place June 8-10 in New York City at the New Yorker Hotel. An annual event, NMS is dedicated to exploring ideas that will lead to a better music business through networking, engagement and discussion about the future of music and business. From breakout indie artists to visionary CEOs and executives, NMS is where high-level discussions and interaction will help shape the new business solutions for this new era of music business. All sectors of the music business (radio, video, dance, audio, managers and more) are explored. Panel topics include Music Subscription, Globalization of Music, Artist Contracts and more. Speakers and participants include label owners, A&R reps and Internet music strategists. Evenings will feature “Artists On The Verge,” a showcase series of more than 70 emerging artists who will take over venues in the East Village and Lower East Side of New York. For registration and complete details, see http://newmusicseminar.com.