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Music Needed For Indie Rom-Com

Indie film director is seeking music immediately for a romantic comedy feature film.

Sam is in his early 30s. He's an attractive, lovable loser that has only one thing on his mind and it's not what you think. He can have any woman that he wants and he has an extremely busy dating schedule, but there's only room for one lady in his life... his dog, Sadie.

Seeking pop and rock music that is uplifting, feel good, a little quirky. Think tons of fun. Maybe a little country. Instrumental and vocal tracks are needed.

Also seeking instrumental music that is poignant and tender for the heartbreaking scenes.

Composers and musicians from all geographical areas will be considered.

To apply, visit filmmusic.net/job-details/FMN-Job-6029---Music-Needed-Immediately-For-Indie-Rom-Com-1826.html