Video of the Week from Chance the Rapper

Grammy-winning artist Chance the Rapper has released new song "Stars Out," with a corresponding video.

"Both the music video and the lyrics of 'Stars Out' depict Chance stepping into his own, flexing his signature style and delivering a powerful performance that underscores his status as a leading figure in the rap scene," reads the press release. "The song's teaser has became a hit on social media, with the TikTok video reaching over 5.5 million views, heightening anticipation for the single and the overall project."

"You're so scared I'm 'bout to pull my cars out, 'bout to pull my bars out, 'bout to pull my stars out," Chance raps, while telling us that he's the only rapper in his lane.

The muted video sees a bucket hat-wearing Chance switching between a house and a car, as the lyrics appear around him.

See for yourself below.