Music Licensing Company Seeks Swampy Blues-Rock Songs

Swampy blues-rock songs with male vocals are needed by a UK music licensing company with worldwide distribution and movie trailer and TV placements.

Please submit songs in all tempos that are in the general stylistic range of the references:

“What Makes A Good Man?” by The Heavy

“Lo/Hi” by The Black Keys

“Fool” by Kaleo

Please send in riff-heavy songs that have an authentic swampy, blues-rock style, sound and feel. Your submissions should be well-produced, with authentic-sounding rock band instrumentation, solid musicianship, and driving rhythm sections. Please be sure your submissions are well structured and lean a bit more toward the blues-y side of rock.

Lyric themes can vary but should fit comfortably into the Blues/Rock genre. Please avoid references to specific brands, places, dates, times, names, and profanity. Genre-appropriate broadcast quality is needed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This company tends to gravitate towards music that “sounds like releasable commercial songs” rather than material that sounds like it came from a "typical music library." Also, this company is only interested in signing material from composers who have worked for libraries and licensing companies in the past and understand how standard deals work. If you don't have that experience and know the drill on typical deals, then they politely ask that you don't submit to this request.

This company offers an EXCLUSIVE deal, so please be sure the songs you pitch for this opportunity are not already signed with other companies or catalogs. You'll get 100% of the writer's share, and the publisher will get 100% of the publisher's share. You must own or control your master and copyright to submit. Please submit as many songs as you’d like, online or per CD. All submissions will be screened and critiqued by TAXI. Submissions must be received no later than 11:59 PM (PST) on Thursday, Feb. 13. 

Listing number: TAXI # S200213SM

Submit here.