Carl Tatz Design Installs PhantomFocus PFM HD-1000 Monitors at Middle Tennessee State University

Carl Tatz Design (CTD) recently installed two of its acclaimed PFM HD-1000 Master Reference Near-field Monitor Systems into two new studios, D and E, at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) within its Audio Production Program. The monitors were part of Dual PhantomFocus Systems that utilized ADAM S3H monitors in a mid-field application.

MTSU professor and RI Project Lead Dan Pfeifer states, “I’ve been teaching studio engineering for decades, but never before have I witnessed a technological change make such a big difference in student outcomes. Thanks Carl!”

MTSU faculty and students have enjoyed PhantomFocus technology for the last several years, being the leading educational facility to do so. There is a Dual 5.1 PFS in Studio A (near-fields and mains); a Dual two-channel PFS in Studio B (near-fields and mains); a Dual PFS (near-fields and mains as part of a CTD renovation in Studio C); a Near-field PFS in The Mix Lab; and now with the addition of twin Studios D and E (near-field and mid-fields), it brings it to a total of eleven PhantomFocus Systems at the university. 

Director of Fine Arts Professor Bill Crabtree points out, “The systems are nothing short of remarkable. Pinpoint accurate imaging and frequency response with consistent and impactful low end at any loudness level on either set of speakers. Carl and his team did an outstanding job installing these systems. The end result is a monitoring experience for our students that is second to none.”

“We're very grateful for the amazing support and confidence we've received over the years from MTSU faculty, tech department, students and administration Thanks to all,” remarks Carl Tatz.

Pictured L-R at MTSU Studios D and E ribbon-cutting ceremony: Earl Bogel (Capital Construction Project Manager, MTSU), Tony Bruster (Construction Superintendent, Beech Construction Services), John Merchant (Recording Industry Chair, MTSU), Carl Tatz (Carl Tatz Design – PhantomFocus Monitor Systems), Peter Grueneisen (Studio Designer, NonZero Architecture), Steve White (Architect of Record, Bullock Smith & Partners), David Edgar (Academic Space Planning Manager, MTSU), Dan Pfeifer (RI Project Lead, MTSU) and Christian Haseleu (Founder of RI Audio Program and Professor Emeritus, MTSU).