A Boogie wit da Hoodie

Album Review: Hoodie Szn by A Boogie Wit da Hoodie (6/10)

With 20 years of songs to digest, Hoodie SZN is overextended and overvalued as it takes listeners on an emotional rollercoaster ride about Hoodie's life. Though "Swervin," "Love Drugs and Sex," and "Savage" are energetic and interesting; the rest of Hoodie SZN seems to lose its focus. "I Did It," "Demons and Angels," "4 Min Convo," Skeezers," "Need A Best Friend," just to name a few, are tiresome, to say the least. The best thing about this album is its album cover. With elements of Spiderman and Deadpool, Boogie is conveying his mystic; and with that mysteriousness, should be an equivalence of a quality artist.

Rating: 6/10

High Bridge/Atlantic Records

Producer: Various