Music Channel Seeks Collaborators

ROCK FOREVER WORLD, the soon-to-launch Video Streaming Network whom THE HOLLYWOOD TIMES called ‘the potential new NETFLIX for Music Programs’ and ‘the most innovative new Music Channel since MTV!’ is seeking Freelancers & Parttime Contributors to work remotely for the new network.

ROCK FOREVER is a SVOD (subscription based video-on-demand network) dedicated to airing 24-7 Music Programs on Classic Artists, Classic Eras (60s-70s-80s-90s), & Classic Albums+Tours. Programs will include a LIVE morning & evening show daily (with breaking Music, Release & Tour News, as well as Celebrity Interviews & special segments), Music Documentaries, Multi-Episode Special SALUTES to Iconic Artists & Groups, & over 60 special Music Series covering every aspect Serious Music Lovers care about their Favorite Artists & Eras. Including in the Music Series are Shows dedicated to interviewing legendary Artists, Songwriters, Producers, Label Execs, Tour Managers, Album Cover Designers, Music Video Directors, & more vital players in the Classic Stories of Writing Hit Songs, Creating Classic Albums, Best Tour Stories, Iconic Guitarists, Most Valuable Players, Execs Celebrating their favorite Mentors, Movers & Shakers, Unsung Heroes, Roots of Iconic Bands, a Celebration of legendary Music Venues, TV Shows that Featured Music, Classic Music Magazines of the past, & so much more. Thousands of hours of endless entertainment dedicated to the enjoyment of ‘Serious Music Fans’.  Genres include Classic Rock, Classic Alternative, Classic Soul, Classic Hip Hop, Classic Pop & Classic Country, the foundational Artists that created the Most Influential Albums, Tours & Catalogs, that made ‘the Blueprint’ of everything popular since.

Seeking collaborators in the areas of freelance :

*Former & current Music Execs, Journalists & Radio DJs that can join in discussions of Artists-Genres-Eras they know well;

*Researchers who can gather deep info on artists online, help set up zoom-phone interviews & local events that draw the ‘classic music audiences’;

*Old school execs with extensive contacts of former Label Execs-Managers-Agents-Promoters to invite on zoom calls

*Regional promoters that can help disseminate promotional materials in off hours to retailers-hot spots & concerts/events;  

*Person who can ‘bird dog’ existing & new upcoming docs that can be licensed;

 *International correspondents in UK-Germany-Canada-Japan-Australia-SouthAmerica;

*Photographers with deep past & catalogs of photos from 70s-80s+more;& other freelancers in areas of Graphics-Networking-New Concert Reviews-Video-Photography & more. Our slogans include ‘Giving Serious Music Lovers MORE of What They CRAVE!’ & ‘This Isn’t ‘work’

It’s An Adventure & What You LIVE For!’ Submit ideas & feedback on what you could do to help the movement to: [email protected]