Video of the Week: Snow Tha Product Says Jump

Mexican-American rapper Snow Tha Product continues her 24 hour challenge with the release of new single and video, "Jump."

For those new to Snow, her publicist told us that, "The 24 hour challenge was born out of Snow wanting to let her creative flow without focusing too much on perfection or industry standards.  She gets an idea/beat and challenges herself to get the song recorded, mixed, mastered and produces a video within 24 hours."

That's incredibly creative and, honestly, very brave. That said, the results so far have been superb and "Jump" is no different.

"In 'Jump,' Snow Tha Product exemplifies her signature bilingual lyricism, weaving seamlessly between English and Spanish to deliver a high-octane performance," reads the press release. "Crafted in just 24 hours, the track and its accompanying video stand as a testament to Snow's unparalleled creativity and dedication to her craft."

The rapid fire switch from Spanish to English and back is startlingly effective, with lines like "pick your coffin" all the more breath-taking.

There's a whole lot of dancing, twerking and skateboarding going on in the video, while flash images reveal that Snow is in fact a skeleton monster.

Check it out below.