James Elkington

Music Album Review: James Elkington - Wintres Woman (8/10)

Having toured with, and earned the respect of, progressive, neo-folk, Americana and finger style virtuosos like Richard Thompson, Jeff Tweedy, Nathan Salsburg and the group Tortoise, Elkington is a Chicago-based Englishmen who seamlessly blends elements of a Nick Drake/Kevin Ayers-like whimsy with Leo Kottke’s mercurial highwire guitar approach. “Wintres Woman” is olde English for “the sound of winter,” and it suits Elkington’s intimate style. His resonant vocals suggest a warm fire set against a stark and wintry chamber-pop aesthetic. After many years playing on other artists’ projects, he’s stepping out and coming into his own.

Released by: Paradise of Bachelors
Producer: James Elkington