John Cale - Fragments of a Rainy Season - music album

Music Album Review: John Cale - "Fragments Of A Rainy Season" (8/10)

Ex-Velvet Underground hero John Cale re-releases his 1992 live album with bonus cuts, yielding spectacular rewards. Cale supplies many qualities missing from today’s music, namely grace, chops, finesse and literacy. Playing both piano and some guitar, he elegantly takes the listener through his catalog, from the majestic to the unhinged. Come for the first disc, including his version of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujelah” (which is the one that, in turn, inspired Jeff Buckley’s version!). Stay for the second disc, which contains THE most crazed versions of both Lou Reed’s “Waiting For My Man” and Elvis’ “Heartbreak Hotel”!

Score: 8 out of 10

John Cale
Fragments Of A Rainy Season
Domino Recording Co.
Producer: John Cale, Nita Scott, Jean-Michel Reusser