Fucked Up - "Year of the Snake" music album review

Music Album Review: Fucked Up - "Year of the Snake" (9/10)

Fucked Up have balls. Their shows are spotlighted by a hairy-backed, sweaty brute who barrels through the crowd like an uncaged wildebeest. The band’s records capture some of this mayhem but also allow the Canucks to exercise their punk-rock chops with psychedelic forays. Year of the Snake––the eighth volume in the band’s “Zodiac Series”—is, along with 2015’s Year of the Hare, the consummate example of this experimentation. It features panpipes, bells, synths, female singing, a trippy five-minute digression and tight melodic jams that stand among the best of Fucked Up's material.

Released by: Tankcrimes
Producer: Dave Eliade