New Music Critique: Noordzo


Three tracks from NJ-based Mike Noordzy’s Shark Funeral Songbook are a clear indication that he’s a darkly absurdist artist who’s intention is to transport the listener to a sepulchural place, a coven of horrors packed with a myriad of creep-inducing ingredients. “Upper Centralia” is a case in point––a thick, heavy amalgam that could complement the vibe of a dark video game. “Strange Highway” is spooky, trance- inducing and makes good use of a sax solo. “Holy Laughter” has a combo of upright bass (Noordzy’s primary axe), sax and drums in a sort of free-form composition that somehow remains coherent. Ultimately, this artist might consider a live multi-media presentation as the best venue for his art.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: reverbnation.com/mikenoordzy
Seeking: Booking, Film/TV
Style: Psychedelic Witch Jazz