Bring Me the Horizon at Shrine Auditorium Outdoors in Los Angeles, CA - photo credit: Victoria Patneaude

Bring Me The Horizon at Shrine Auditorium Outdoors in Los Angeles, CA

British band Bring Me The Horizon have been making waves in the metalcore and alternative rock scenes for quite some time now. Formed in 2004, they have seen an impressive shift in their sound over the years, first starting with deathcore, shifting through post-hardcore and metalcore and most recently landing where they are now, which is a sort of amalgamation of alternative rock with pop and electro influences. (Think Linkin Park, but with more bite and executed better.) Their ability to continue to explore their sound and evolve as a band is certainly the reason they have made such a mark on the metalcore community, and how they sold out L.A.’s Shrine Auditorium and had to upgrade to the outdoor venue thus making it the band’s largest headlining show in the U.S. to date.

Before continuing to the actual music portion of this review, we’d be remiss to not point out the stage production of the show. The band’s stage value with the large LED screen proved be one of the best stage productions of the scene currently. With constant visuals that ran hand-in-hand with the songs, the stage production was the delicious cherry on top of what was an otherwise stellar performance. That, coupled with the energy of the band--and especially the energy of vocalist Oli Sykes--made for a captivating show that left their audience completely enthralled with the show for the entirety of their 16-song set list.

The set comprised mainly songs from their latest releases Sempiternal and That’s the Spirit, though they did incorporate a fan favorite from their 2008 release Suicide Season, “Chelsea Smile.” The mix of songs made from a high-energy show with barely any downtime for the band or audience and kept things moving from start to finish. Admittedly there was a moment where things did come apart a bit for the band. At the beginning of “Sleepwalking” Sykes and the rest of the band seemed to be on different tempos, but that in no way diminished the quality of the performance the band gave as they quickly sorted themselves out. The true test of a musician isn’t having a perfect show without moments where things go awry, but how they overcome them. It didn’t seem to affect the audience any as they continued to give the band their unbridled attention.

If their live performance and ability to continuously evolve their sound is any indication, Bring Me The Horizon will continue to send ripples through the alternative rock community. Time will tell if they are able to outdo themselves with their performance and the universal acclaim That’s the Spirit received, but for now fans can rest assure knowing that when they make it out to a Bring Me The Horizon show, they will leave with nothing less than one hell of a good time.

Photos and text by Victoria Patneaude

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