Entrance - "Book of Changes" - music album

Music Album Review: Entrance - "Book of Changes" (6/10)

Entrance has to be seen to be believed––but hearing them gets you about halfway there. Guy Blakeslee and company eschew most conventions, turning the experience into a hocus-pocus affair far removed from the ordinary. In the bone-chilling indie film, The Witch, the girl succumbs to the devil’s sinister coven. The results are similar here, with guitarist Blakeslee casting spells from his Book of Changes. Behind the boards, Blakeslee burnishes his indie creds by enlisting knob-tuners who have teamed with Father John Misty (Vandevelde), Future Islands and the Shins. But even in a dark closet, having friends close by is little solace.

Score: 6 out of 10

Book of Changes
Thrill Jockey
Producer: Guy Blakeslee and David Vandevelde