Drake - "More Life" - music album review

Music Album Review: Drake - "More Life" (7/10)

Drake returns with More Life, a “playlist” curated to exemplify his ingenuity and versatility as he smoothly maneuvers through a variety of genres. Songs like “Passionfruit” and “Jorja Interlude” emulate the tropical, lax sounds of dancehall while “No Long Talk” and “KMT” exhibit colder, harsher tones of U.K.’s grime, confirming that Drake is a virtuoso chameleon. However, More Life is far from perfect. Drake’s lyrics and subject matter hasn’t changed much from his previous projects, making certain songs extremely dry and dull. Overall, More Life is an eclectic collection of fun songs that displays Drake’s strengths and shortcomings. -Don Q. Dao

Released by: Young Money Records/Cash Money Records
Producer: Various