MOD Devices Releases Modular Synthesizers for Guitarists

MOD Devices has launched a set of new modular synthesizers that allow musicians to play synth sounds with a guitar in a pedal-like experience, with interactive foot controls and adjustments of the dynamic response. Making use of MOD’s great flexibility, guitarists can alternate synth sounds with traditional guitar sounds or even blend them together. The system is fully self-contained inside the MOD Devices units and requires no special pickups or cables.

The new Guitar Synths have been designed from the ground-up to be played by guitarists. Having fast and continuous tracking, they can reproduce note bends, legatos, slides and other guitar techniques. There are adjustments to the dynamics so that the synths respond appropriately to the musicians' technique and playing style. Interactive controls were added to allow foot-activated interactions like filter sweeps, modulation wheel and note bending.

As part of the launch, MOD Devices is making available five different fully built synth boards that allow device owners to simply plug-and-play, with three of them covering the biggest staple synth sounds (Bass, Leads and Chords) plus a flexible "do-it-all" and the exquisite "Guitar Mix", that seamlessly blends synthesizers with traditional sounding guitar rigs.

The openness of MOD Devices platform further allows the addition of any of the hundreds of effects to the synths, creating an extremely wide palette of possible sounds.

The support of Control Voltage by the MOD platform dates back to 2018 when the company released a comprehensive package of officially supported CV modules at the MOD Plugin Store, following the announcement of the Duo X.
In 2020 the “CV Addressing” feature was released, which allowed the control of conventional guitar effects by the CV modules, bringing automation of control to conventional guitar rigs.

The addition of the AutoToCV plugin closes a gap between the Modular and the Guitar Pedal worlds, allowing for a new type of synthesizer that is played in a much more organic and abstract form.

Both the new AutoToCV Pitch plugin and all the synth boards are available for free for all MOD Devices users.

“The MOD ecosystem has matured to such a level that is it now yielding very exciting things. The latest AudioToCV Pitch plugin is one of the many examples of new plugins that are flourishing and that bring game-changing new products to the platform.” - Gianfranco Ceccolini, Founder & CEO