MESA/Boogie Announces New ‘Subway D-350 Bass Amp’

Hand-crafted in Petaluma, CA, the MESA/Boogie Subway D-350 with its world class tone, innovation, and quality is MESA’s most affordable bass amp to date. The ultra-compact champion in MESA’s Subway Bass Series the MESA/Boogie Subway D-350 weighs only 3 lb., 2 oz., and packs a powerful punch with 350 watts of Class D power.

Building on the legendary foundation laid by the acclaimed Subway® D-800™, the new Subway D-350 uses a solid-state preamp coupled with a lightweight Class D power amp and switch-mode power supply to deliver heaping portions of world-class TONE in an incredibly small and lightweight package that’s perfect for home use and studio recording sessions while still delivering plenty of power and punch to provide MESA-quality tone authoritatively and dependably, gig after gig for small to mid-sized venues, or as a micro-sized backup amp on tour.

“Our design goal for the entire SUBWAY Series is to deliver warm, musical bass tone in the most compact and portable package possible and the addition of our new 3 lb., 2 oz. compact Subway D-350 achieves this goal,” says Doug West, Director of the Gibson Tone Lab at MESA/Boogie. “The SUBWAY Series range truly gives bassists every option they need for any venue, from home and silent practice, to club and concert stages. Considering our Subway Ultra-Lite Cabinet range offers players the option for 1x12, 1x15, 2x10, 2x12, 2x15 and 4x10 formats. The inspirational sound these cabs deliver is really the ‘other half’ of the SUBWAY magic and musicality.”

Watch and share the new video where bassists Jus James and Gibson Generation Group G3 artist Marley Striem―assisted by Ben Satterlee on drums―demonstrate the new MESA/Boogie Subway D-350, HERE.