Rob Zombie

Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie Conclude "Twins of Evil" Tour in Southern California

Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie concluded their co-headlining ‘The Second Coming: Twins of Evil’ tour Wednesday, August 29th at the Five Point Amphitheatre in Irvine, CA. Resurrecting their 2012 tour, the duo took on a hearty 26-date that started in early July and made its final stop in sunny Southern California to a dedicated slew of Manson and Zombie fans.

The weather was warm and breezy as fans trickled in slowly for the opening act, ‘Deadly Apples’. The Canadian based rock band, lead by Alex Martel performed a 35-minute set as the crowd grew in anticipation for the co-headliners.

It was nightfall by the time Marilyn Manson took to the stage to a deafening roar from the nearly sold-out crowd. Manson’s return to the stage after his injury last year was highly anticipated and he certainly did not disappoint. Cloaked in a blanket of fog, Manson performed against a dark stage set adorned with upside-down crosses and sporadic flashing strobe lights. After performing just 9 songs, Manson left the stage after his version of ‘Cry Little Sister’ but it was short-lived as he soon returned to perform an encore of, ‘Antichrist Superstar’.

Manson once again left the stage and let two or three minutes pass before his voice emerged from the darkness taunting the crowd with another song before launching into, ‘The Beautiful People’. Leaving the stage for what seemed like the final time, fans began to break for the intermission. Much to everyone’s surprise, Manson’s voice billowed throughout the amphitheater once more and fans scrambled to their seats to see what Manson had in store for them next. Finally concluding his performance with one last song, Manson closed out the first of half of the night with his rendition of, ‘Sweet Dreams Are Made of This’.

Song List is as follow [ Irresponsible Hate Anthem] [Angel with the Scabbed Wings] [This is the New Shit] [The Fight Song] [mOBSCENE] [Say 10] [The Dope Show] [Kill4ME] [Cry Little Sister] [AntiChrist Superstar] [The Beautiful People] [Sweet Dreams Are Made of This]



The second half of the night began as Rob Zombie, Piggy D and John 5 took to the stage. Rob, wearing his signature fringed coat and bell-bottomed pants, was a flurry of energy from the second his performance began. Launching into a ghoulish 75-minute performance, fans were treated to an electric show complete with funky stage props, fun multi-colored lighting and flashes of classic horror films being played on huge monitors at the back of the stage.

Half way through the performance, John 5 took front and center stage for a lengthy guitar solo as Rob ditched the stage and began to sprint alongside the pit. Surrounded by security, Rob ran into each section of the amphitheater before returning to the stage.

The band then went onto perform ‘The Star-Spangled Banner"and concluded the evening with a slew of cover songs including Metallica and the Ramones before Manson joined the band on stage for a duet of The Beatles ‘Helter Skleter’.

Concluding the night, Rob Zombie finished with the fan favorite ‘Dragula’.

Song List is as Follows: [Demon Speeding] [Superbeast] [Well, Everybodys Fucking in A UFO] [Scum of the Earth] [Living Dead Girl] [In The Age of Consecrated Vampire We All Get High] [Dead City Radio and New Gods of Supertown] [More Human than Human] [Never Gonna Stop] [The Hideous Exhibitions of a Dedicated Goat Whore] [House of 1000 Corpses] [John 5 Guitar Solo] [The Star Spangled Banner] [Thunder Kiss ’65-White Zombie Cover] [Enter Sandman] [Blitzkrieg Bop] [School’s Out- Ramones Cover] [Helter Skelter- Beatles Cover] [Draula]