Maná + Selva Negra Foundation Announce Scholarship Winners

The 15 students below have been chosen as winners of The Maná Scholarship Program—presented by the band and their Selva Negra Environmental Foundation, with the support of the Univision Foundation. Each scholarship winner will $10,000 for their continuing college, vocational, institute or community education in the United States during the next academic year. Winners will also be brought to Los Angeles, receive tickets and meet with the band at the record-breaking 7th LA Forum show on Dec. 7, which will conclude Maná's North American Rayando el Sol Tour.


- Alina Santos Agua Hedionda | Hillsborough, NC        - Jonatan Ortega| Oklahoma City, OK

- Alison Juarez Padron| Rockingham, NC                         - Joselynn Castillo| Pingree, ID

- Alysson Chipana| Chicago, IL                                              - Maya Barajas-Tavera| Pasadena, CA

- Azul Toledo Vega| Las Cruces, NM                                    - Paola Ruiz| Pico Rivera, CA

- Francisca Rodriguez-Bolanos| Topeka, KS                  - Isabelle Gangadin| Maineville, OH

- Gerardo Silva| Hatch, NM                                                    - Aurora Flores Avila| Goshen, IN

- Hugo Lopez| Tracy, CA                                                           - Mariana Aguilar Zuniga| Parlier, CA

- Joanna Mendoza| Stockton, CA