Magical Peach PRC is Sweet on L.A.

There's a lot going on with rising Australian pop artist Peach PRC. With a woodland sprite image that would make Melanie Martinez jealous, she skips around the stage like a pixie--a magical being emitting rainbows, sparkles and hearts.

Then, the next minute, she's pole dancing. Because--guess what--people are complicated and they have more than one dimension.

"The rising pop star packs an often-unbelievable journey from writing and recording in her bedroom to social media phenomenon into smart, slick, and sweet songs with a bold bite," reads her press bio. "Equally funny and sensitive, she holds nothing back when it comes to life’s ups and downs, mental health, and everything in between."

 Peach PRC has a huge following on social media (over 1.7 billion TikTok views, a combined audience of 4 million-plus social followers, generated over 180 million combined artist streams), which explains the devoted fans in attendance at the Fonda Theatre on Thursday, June 13. People that scream with full-throated vigor and know every single lyric.

Pride flags were waved enthusiastically, fairy wings flew, as Peach PRC's vibe of inclusivity, joy, love and revenge was celebrated.

Yes, revenge. The main character in the song "Josh" is told, in no uncertain terms, to stop calling her. In "F U Goodbye," an ex is told that his jokes aren't funny, and she hopes terrible things happen to his career. One might assume that's about Australian comedian Alex Williamson, whom Peach RC dated for a while.

So yeah, there's a lot going on. Real life clashes with a fantasy world. Escapism smashes into realism. And by god, it works.

Peach PRC Setlist The Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA 2024