Hit the Decks! It's Meg Ward

British electronic dance music disc jockey and record producer Meg Ward started DJing in 2016 when she was at university.

"I was 18 years old and needed something to help me switch off," Ward says.

She describes her sound today as "Bass and Garage infused House music."

"I grew up in West Yorkshire, where Bassline/ Niche was a huge influence of mine," she says. "I’ve always loved house music too. To blend the two influences just made sense to me."

Her next release is "KEEP U."

"[It's] an M1 organ style house track with my vocals over the top," Ward says. "It is coming out on my brand-new label Mega Wavy, which I’m super excited about."

As for gear:

"I use a lot of software within Ableton when making music," Ward says. "Plug-ins like the Korg M1, Diva, Serum and Massive are ones I always use. In terms of hardware, I use my Korg Minilogue XD the most. It is great for designing new sounds. I also don’t go anywhere without my Ableton Push, as it helps me be more hands on with the software."

Looking ahead, Ward has plenty planned for the second half of 2024.

"With the launch of my new label, I will be doing a series of releases via the label throughout the rest of the year, where I can showcase the range of the Mega Wavy sound," she says. "I have a few festival sets coming up this summer, at Glastonbury, Boardmasters, Brockwood festival and a few more. I’m excited to put on a show for anyone that catches me playing."