Live Reviews: Soundhoose

The Whisky A GoGo  West Hollywood, CA 

Web: soundhoose.com

Contact: [email protected]

Players: Jeremy Bauer, bass; Brandon Smith, vocals, guitar; Paul Burns, drums

Material: Soundhoose is a hard rockin’, hard hitting rock & roll band with a unique sound. You can liken them to Mötley Crüe, Green Day and Rage Against the Machine, but the punk styles of the ‘80s and ‘90s come oozing out of Smith’s every pore. Songs like “Deja You” and “My Time” will have you jumping out of your seat to dance and head-bang. 

Musicianship: The musicianship is very good and all the players have their roles down. Each one superior in his own right, but when you put them together, they become enormously fun to listen to. Smith, with his strong vocals and crazy antics; Bauer, solid on the bass and taking each song to the next level with great harmonies and background vocals; and then there’s Burns! Super-solid behind the kit. Don’t think he missed a beat all night. 

Performance: Excellent. Smith is a great frontman as he acknowledged everyone in the audience and danced around the stage, making sure everyone was having a great time. Bauer, the wing man, was driving that bass like no other and assisting anywhere he could. And then there was Burns! The most “awesomest” display of nonstop, high-impact, rock-hard energy anyone at The Whisky has ever witnessed!

Summary: Big on suicide prevention and dealing with depression in a healthy manner, Soundhoose has partnered with JED Foundation in the fight against teenage suicides in the U.S. Not only is their music hard hitting, but the impact these guys are having on the suicide prevention community is hard hitting, as well. If you want in-your-face rock & roll that you can dance to, check out Soundhoose and support the cause. 

– Pierce Brochetti