Live Reviews: Gigi Rowe

The Peppermint Club   West Hollywood, CA

Web: twitter.com/hellogigirowe

Contact: [email protected]

Players: Gigi Rowe, vocals; Dominic Cannarella-Anderson, bass; Eric McCoy, guitar; Max Meizlish, drums

Material: Gigi Rowe, with the help of a well-rehearsed band, is a solo artist crooning out pop/singer-songwriter tunes to the audience’s delight. There is a certain country and Americana essence that seems to escape her soul as she sings songs like “Somebody for Me” and “Running From the Grave.” Even the rock tune “Rockstar” seemed to have a little bit of a delightful, gratifying melody carrying the tune to the end. 

Musicianship: Rowe has an excellent voice and she uses it to her advantage as she expertly serenades her audience. The tune “When the Time Comes” is a perfect example of a great vocalist utilizing falsetto to maximize her gains. The band is superb, as well. Anderson has all kinds of fun playing to and with Meizlish, and together they make an outstanding rhythm section. McCoy is a solid guitar player on all the tracks but ever so beautifully on “Color Outside the Lines.” That tune made the night a special one. 

Performance: Decked out in rhinestones, a cowboy hat and platform shoes, Rowe wowed the audience at this gig with her flair and stage presence. She has a certain aura and a pleasant stage persona that permeates the room as she dances and sings for the audience. Great audience acknowledgment kept the audience in the loop and wanting more. Anderson and McCoy were animated throughout the evening and they kept everyone else hopping with energy. 

Summary: Gigi Rowe is a singer-songwriter hailing from eastern New Jersey and she brought with her some beautiful music to share with us in SoCal. The music itself is soft and heartfelt, but she has added a superb band to back her up and that has paid off. It has taken her music to new heights and added new genres to her repertoire culminating in a show with pop, rock, Americana and country! Beautiful vocals plus a confident band equals a hit show.

– Pierce Brochetti