Boo Seeka

Live Review: Boo Seeka at The Echo in Los Angeles, CA

Material: Boo Seeka performed 13 tracks of mostly upbeat songs. While most EDM acts are mainly instrumental, Boo Seeka gives listeners the best of both worlds: electronic elements and a range of vocals. With a mixture of synths and Boo’s soft, yet strong voice, the Australian duo shows potential in their material for becoming commercially popular on the radio airwaves. Their song “Deception Bay” was a crowd favorite, with strong and meaningful lyrics: “If for a moment I disappear, fade into the light like a pioneer.” Along with other tracks, like “Does This Last” and “Surrender,” Boo Seeka were sincere and honest in their music, displaying almost a sense of spirituality.

Musicianship: While the performance featured overwhelming bass in the first couple of songs, this was only a minor setback for the duo. “Gold Sail” had a pleasing beat to it but was cancelled out by an overpouring bass. Boo shows versatility in his vocals and contrasts them well with Sammy’s instrumentals. The track “Trouble Maker” showed this versatility and Boo's vocal strength, which was accented by his wavy guitar playing. The band was, with the exception of the intense bass, musically and technically satisfactory, serving as key elements for becoming a commercial success.

Performance: Boo Seeka was excited, eccentric and energized despite being jet lagged; Boo’s dancing and engagement toward the audience showed his passion and authenticity. In an interesting setup, Sammy seemed closed off from Boo, his keys and synths blocking him from interacting with his counterpart. This made for a more stationary performance on Sammy’s end. There were some technical difficulties during the song, “Calling Out,” where Boo moved to stand next to Sammy. Having accidentally hit the wrong button, Boo Seeka had to restart the song. Despite this, the band recovered gracefully, the audience cheering them on in support. The two demonstrated a strong bond between them and there was a charismatic quality to their stage presence.

Summary: With a few adjustments to the overall sound and bass, Boo Seeka already has qualities that make for a strong headlining act. Their onstage personas are vibrant and welcoming, inviting audience members to boogie along with them. The band’s sound demonstrates electronic instrument variation and leaves open the possibility of experimenting with traditional non-synth based instruments. This would be an interesting challenge to take on, given their synth-driven sound.

The Players: Boo, guitar, lead vocals; Sammy Seeka, synth, electric drums, keys.

Photo by Marly Ludwig

Venue: The Echo
City: Los Angeles, CA
Contact: [email protected]
Web: booseeka.com

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