Creature Canyon

Live Reviews: Creature Canyon at Bardot in Hollywood, CA

Material: Creature Canyon is an indie-pop group playing pop-rock and pop-funk. The band opened up with a tune called “Lonely As I Am” and as the song started, someone commented that they thought Steele sounded a lot like Bobby Darin singing “Dream Lover.” Aside from the very close sounding melody to “Dream Lover” all the other songs are very well crafted and unique.

Musicianship: Creature Canyon is a very tight, well rehearsed outfit. Everyone on stage came out ready to play and gave it their all as confidence took over at downbeat. That only comes from playing a lot together, whether it be rehearsed or performing live. Amyot, Victoria, Lund and Fralic came together in a great rhythm section revelry as Steele ogled the girls and sang to them as he bared the insides of his soul. All the songs were extremely tight and well played.

Performance: The band performed with impressive energy under hot lights to screaming fans wearing Creature Canyon t-shirts. Steele is clearly the frontman, parading around the stage and talking to anyone who will listen. His rapport with the audience is exceptional as he tells Creature Canyon’s story. Meanwhile, bassist Lund, who was equally forward with the audience, played confidently to them.

Summary: Creature Canyon can be likened to Maren Morris in their lyrics and Maroon 5 in their music, but having their own unique sound makes it a big plus for them. Their new EP, Did You Want That?, seems to have been recorded methodically and although a bit dry, the music is well written enough that it captures the authenticity that is Creature Canyon. They are a superb band to see live as the musicianship carries this group and the show takes them to another level. Don’t miss them!

Web: CreatureCanyonMusic.com
Contact: [email protected]
Players: Austin Steele; vocals, guitar; Ryan Amyot, guitar; Kyle Victoria, drums; Aaron Lund, Bass; Luc Fralic, keyboard