Terry Robb

Live Review: Terry Robb at the Emmanuel Presbyterian Church in Thousand Oaks, CA

Material: Following the recent launch of his 15th album, Confessin’ My Dues, guitar master Terry Robb played a community show for a congregation who first learned of his music through their church pastor, a close friend of Robb’s. From the first notes of “Still On 101” through to the encore, which included renditions of “Key To The Highway” and “Keep Your Judgment,” the crowd was mesmerized by the versatility and colorful artistry displayed in this rousing one-man show.

Musicianship: With his incredible fingerpicking and effortless musical storytelling, Robb’s virtuoso playing makes it easy to forget there is only one person on the stage. Alternating between two Martin steel-string guitars, Robb delivered a combination of Southern delta blues, lilting ragtime, and a polished and intricate Stevie Ray Vaughn sound. At times his bass line and melodic lick combinations made it feel as though he was trading eights with himself.

Performance: The evening was filled with Southern sounds, from the old-school blues feel of “How a Free Man Feels” to the intricate ragtime playing on “Number Rag/Take a Look at That Baby” and “Buck Dance/Nummer Rag/ Spanish Dance” and bluegrass feel of “Now Vestapol.” The sprinkling of country and jazz elements throughout the evening highlighted Robb’s ability to transcend genres and move easily between varied stylistic interpretations, setting him apart as a rare breed and superior caliber of musician.

Summary: Possessing a grounded and unassuming presence, Robb definitely delivered the goods. His humble confidence left all attention on the music and made clear that he was in his element sharing his seemingly effortless passages. Robb delivers an amazing show for the experienced musical listener with an appreciation for the rich sounds of the South and creates an uplifting, energetic vibe through truly stunning guitar work.

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Web: terryrobb.com

Players: Terry Robb, vocals, guitar