Live Review: Supergloom

The Echo  Los Angeles, CA 

Contact: Shane Graham [email protected] 

Web: supergl00m.bandcamp.com 

Players: Shane Graham, drums; Betrand Vellky, guitar and vocals; Peter Doherty, keys and vocals; Ethan Walden, bass; Drew Aron, guitar and vocals 

Material: Celebrating the release of their EP, Immaterial, supergloom (sic) took The Echo by storm with their unique blend of psych rock, fusing elements of prog and alternative rock to create a lysergic, kaleidoscopic experience of hooks and grooves. The band elevated the recordings to another level during their live performance. “Old Friend” packed a punch, driven by bassist Ethan Walden and drummer Shane Graham. The synth-laden “Cycles” hypnotized the crowd, with haunting vocals soaring over the swimming texture of guitars. 

Musicianship: Masterful musicians, every link in supergloom is strong. Graham and Walden weave catchy, danceable grooves, shifting naturally through odd time signatures and polyrhythms to make the whole band’s sound accessible. As guitarists Betrand Vellky and Drew Aron lay the foundations for their wall of sound, keyboardist Peter Doherty paints pastel soundscapes to complete the spell. 

Vocally, the group shares lead vocal duties across the whole set. Each song plays to that singers’ strength, creating an engaging and cohesive sound. Drew Aron’s and Betrand Vellky’s vocals mesmerize over a shoegazy foundation in “Glass Ajar”, spiced with jazzy influences. Keyboardist Peter Doherty brings a soaring, Muse-like influence to the more epic numbers and did a stunning performance on their closing tune, “EONA." 

Performance: The Echo is an excellent venue for this band. Immersed in live projections, the overall performance was well thought out and professional. Frequently bombastic, occasionally introspective, they took the audience on a journey through time and space. From their opening number, “Cut the Ties,” the band set the tone with high energy, lush tunes that got the audience moving. Each track follows a journey of its own, shifting through sections with builds and drops, always keeping the listener engaged. Singer-guitarist Drew Aron takes the band to its most intimate moment at the start of “Glass Ajar” and then quickly vamps the energy right back up to 11 on the chorus. 

Summary: This band’s stellar recordings are even better live. The experience becomes larger than even the band itself, with a captivated audience swaying to the collective consciousness of the sound and vision. These guys are definitely a band to watch.