Live Review: Se7en Reasons Why at The Canyon

Se7en Reasons Why - Steve Gaglio 1

Material: Although the group is categorized as folk punk similar to Flogging Molly, this music has a mostly classic punk rock feel, along with some country music qualities. Specifically, you can’t help but hear the influence of The Ramones, especially on songs like “Thunder Rollin.’” Then there is “Writin’ On The Wall,” which sounds like a direct homage to the 1979 classic “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” by The Charlie Daniels Band, a perfect vehicle for the group’s violinist Goto.

Musicianship: Another one of the distinct additions to the band’s sound is primary songwriter Stalk’s instrument of choice, an acoustic 12-string guitar. The resulting jangle pop tone adds rawness to the overall epic punk quality for songs like “Love Is Strange.” Goto cranks out a staccato violin on “World Gone Mad” and gets an extensive opening solo on “Livin’ In The Now.” Piazza nails the fast tempos and frequent pauses with a strong break down on “Thunder Rollin’” and especially tight finale on “Love Is Strange.” Scott joins her for a double drum solo that adds more interest to the set. Piazza stays intensely focused and not at all fazed by Scott, who stands right above her as he encourages the crowd to clap.

Performance: Scott opened and closed the show with great theatrics. His delivery was as cheeky as Alice Cooper in his prime. Scott taunted the audience by asking in a nerdy voice if they were studying for their finals. Thanks to the use of a wireless microphone, he was able to work not only the stage but the entire venue, hopping on the bar and giving fist bumps to club patrons as he reminded them to eat their vegetables. His vocals were clear with a good amount of reverb throughout, and Stalk joined Scott on vocals to beef up their choruses. Scott wrapped up the show by profusely thanking the audience and the venue.

Summary: Although the set is a short six-song performance, it is an overall high-energy show. The group does incorporate diversity with one contemplative anthem, “Livin’ In The Now.” Unfortunately, the guitar is frequently lost in the mix. When Piazza sticks to using her mallets, it seems to bring more of a balance to the overall dynamics of the group’s sound.

The Players: Mick Scott, vocals; Jason Stalk, guitar, backup vocals; Anjilla Piazza, drums; Hiro Goto, violin.
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