Live Review: Pink Motel

The Redwood Bar Los Angeles, CA

Web: pinkmotelband.com 

Contact: [email protected]

Players: Shay Hayashi, drums; Ben Kernion, bass; Kristi Magdalene, vocals, keyboards; Ania Thomas, guitar

Material: Pink Motel is a hard-hitting punk band from Los Angeles. The music gives off a very strong Sex Pistols vibe that makes you want to dance and thrash about with careless abandonment. Hints of The Adverts, The Clash and Generation X come through, as well, the music hitting you square in the face. 

Musicianship: The musicianship is good. Excellent bass duties by Kernion keep things alive and interesting and fill the room with low-end frequencies; and together with Hayashi, the rhythm section thunders through the club. Exciting and juicy guitar riffs, fills and solos by Thomas are melodic and to-the-point. Hayashi is spot-on at the drumkit and doesn’t miss a beat. Magdalene has a strong voice and it comes in handy as she belts out lyrics with fierce passion and desire.

Performance: Pink Motel is fun to watch. Magdalene is a natural frontwoman with no boundaries on stage. She dances, thrashes, twists and twirls her way into your heart, then sets it afire, Johnny Rotten-style. Hernion, Thomas and Hayashi are a great backdrop for the singer as they lay down the groove and let Magdalene do her thing.

Summary: Pink Motel is entertaining. The music is loud and hard, but focused, and each tune tells an interesting story. Tracks like “Book of Dreams” and “New York” take you on a journey outside of your comfort zone and make you wish you were living it. “These Are The Reasons I’ve Gone Insane” is a bit eerie and has a “Munsters” feel to it. These songs are dynamic and lively and don’t leave you feeling stale. There’s some room for improvement, but this band is young and passionate and that will take them a long way. – Pierce Brochetti