Live Review: Lexi Layne

The Viper Room  West Hollywood, CA

Contact: [email protected]

Web: lexilayne.com

Players: Lexi Layne, vocals; Nick Diltz, bass; Chrissy Warner, drums; Kris Injaian, guitars

Material: Lexi Layne is a hard rock/metal group that is very intense and dark but melodic and musical at the same time. The music is hard driving metal/rock with hints of grunge and a “together-ness” that only comes from hours of rehearsal and recording. The lyrics are dark, gloomy and evil and take you to places that only the depraved and depressed go to release their inner fantasies. 

Musicianship: The musicianship was excellent all around. While the music was hard driving, focused and direct, the songs were draped with superb, over-the-top vocals and laced with believable angst and agony. Diltz and Warner had the songs thumping to a good rhythm all night while Injaian drove the distortion to new heights on a beautiful 8-string guitar that thundered all the way to Hollywood Boulevard. 

Performance: This performance was rockin’! Layne has a stage presence that is unsurpassed in any arena and her confidence shined through from the get-go. Excellent audience acknowledgement kept everyone glued to her next move as she danced around and posed for all the cameras. The band was excellent, keeping the songs tightly fixated on Layne’s cues while keeping the rhythms flawless and contributing to the background vocals that took the songs to the next level. 

Summary: Good outing for Lexi Layne and her crew. Although they lacked a bit in the songwriting department, they earned 3 out of 5 stars by delivering a great live performance for a packed Viper Room in West Hollywood, CA. If you like hard rock/metal that will thrash you within inches of your life, check out Lexi Layne at her next show. In the meantime, you can check out Layne’s latest EP, Sinner and Saint, available on all streaming platforms.

Photo by Pierce Brochetti