Live Review: Jeremiah Daly at Rockwood Music Hall in New York, NY

Material: When you write your first song at the age of eight and by the time you hit 22 (provided you have songwriting talent), your skill level and artistic awareness stand a strong chance of being pretty well developed. Such is the case with Americana/acoustic artist Jeremiah Daly. The Jacksonville native left the successful acoustic pop band, Perfect Measure, for a solo career that would allow him to further diversify his writing and expand his range. While most of Daly’s songs deal with
love and loss, there are other themes that crop up. Whatever the topic, they allow plenty of room for expression and authenticity.

In “Some Things,” a gem of a song, not only does it display Daly’s superb writing, it serves as an impressive vehicle for his voice. This tender piece in 6/8 time has a well set-up and gripping chorus that unexpectedly unfolds from a more musically simple verse and is replete with poignant lyrics and universal metaphors. In “My Darlin’ Rose,” one of the few up-tempo numbers in the set, Daly successfully pulls off a nod to a country legend with a Johnny Cash-like song that is downright catchy and full of spirit.

Musicianship: Though Daly is the only musician in the show, you never feel the absence of a backing band; in fact, any addition beyond a few subtle enhancements would only have served to detract from the performance. Daly’s intimate delivery as guitarist and singer is captivating on its own. His voice is deceptively laid back but full of emotional power. He makes artistically wise choices of when to accentuate a line or passage, which are organic, natural and believable.

Performance: Engaging and soulful best describes this artist. His committed performance went a long way toward unveiling his newly re-invented solo venture. Between songs, he chatted briefly with the crowd in a charming and unassuming manner. It’s obvious that Daly excels at ballads and even joked that he mostly writes “sad songs.” Though they lean towards the mellower side, he could stand to add a couple of more up-tempo numbers without sacrificing his forte.

Summary: Jeremiah Daly’s finely tuned, emotionally provocative songs are a breath of fresh air. His attention to lyric content imbues him with a maturity way beyond his years. He has just released his first full-length solo album, entitled The Darkness Will Be Over Soon, which he is touring in support of.

The Players: Jeremiah Daly, guitar, vocals.

Photo by Mark Shiwolich

Venue: Rockwood Music Hall
City: New York, NY
Contact: [email protected]
Website: jeremiahdalymusic.com