Live Review: Hannah Connolly

The Hotel Café Hollywood, CA 

Web: hannahconnolly.com 

Contact: [email protected] 

Players: Hannah Connolly, vocals, guitar; Jordan Ruiz, pedal steel guitar, guitar, vocals; 

Ben Greenburg, guitar, vocals; Dave Pelusi, bass; John Fatum, drums 

Material: Hannah Connolly is an Americana singer-songwriter whose music gives off a country vibe mixed with blues and rock & roll. The music is very melodic and the lyrics are extremely heart-felt. The songs are exceptionally crafted and just hit the focal point of your soul as they are performed live. Beautiful melodies and soulful voicings touch the inner core of your being and make you want to shout out with appreciation for life. 

Musicianship: The musicianship is very good. Ruiz and Greenburg are both exceptional players and each add a different layer of fluidity to each song. Fatum and Pelusi are the driving force that keeps everything together and lets Connolly do her magic with her voice. Fatum is a great dynamic drummer who brought everything to life. Brilliant vocals keep everything intact; from the low lows to the falsetto highs, you can feel the beauty emanating from the music. 

Performance: From the opening tune, “From Where You Are,” to the closer, “Golden,” all were great. “From where You Are” has a hook line that didn’t let go all night and the crowd just begged for more. Even the sad “Bags Are Packed” had a beautiful connotation that no matter what happens, everything will be alright. Lovely song after lovely song, each as unique as the next, was presented to the audience and each one accepted as beautiful. 

Summary: Hannah Connolly is a joy to watch and not to be missed. Even in the musical mistakes, the atmosphere was light and airy and fun. Tunes like “Second Place,” “Reno,” and “Stay Home,” which was about not having to go out if you don’t feel like it, hit home and made you think, “She’s right.” Add to that some lovely music by some great musicians and you have a hit band! All the songs are great and the band performs them with boundless enthusiasm.

– Pierce Brochetti