Live Review: Frankie And The Witch Fingers

The Troubadour Los Angeles, CA 

Web: frankieandthewitchfingers.com 

Conatct: [email protected] 

Players: Dylan Sizemore, vocals, guitar; Josh Menashe, guitar, synthesizer; Nikki Smith, bass; Nick Aguilar, drums 

Material: Frankie and the Witch Fingers is a hard rocking, open-minded band. They are very progressive and mix it up extremely well with punk, metal, jazz and pop. The band is many faceted in many ways. They introduce a trumpet and a sax into a few of their songs and the songs themselves have many layers, twists, turns and spirals. Fast and furious at one point, then a slow-go for a bit, then it’s back on the horsie to gallop away; but only to get into the next song. Hints of Yes, Zeppelin and the Sex Pistols oozed out of the band’s pores as they played very melodic and melodious hard tunes. 

Musicianship: Excellent musicianship all around. These guys (and gal) put it on the line this particular evening in Hollywood. Sizemore walked the tightrope, did a few flips and landed straight on and wanted more. Great shredding from Menashe added ‘umph’ to the already great tunes as the horns and synthesizers added sophistication to the mix. The rhythm section was so on, you could tell these guys have been playing together for a while. Sizemore, Smith and Aguilar could do no wrong as they laid the foundation for a great evening of entertainment. 

Performance: The performance was extremely good. Super high energy was emanating from the stage all night. Aguilar is a monster behind the kit. Not just because he had painted his face super ugly, but because he prodded, poked, yelled and provoked, the audience, as well as his bandmates, to dance, jump and shout all night long; all the while twirling his sticks and sneering at who-so-ever dared lock eyes with him. Together with Smith and Sizemore, the chemistry is unmatched. 

Summary: Frankie and the Witch Fingers was super fun to watch and listen to. Superb lighting show by the Troubadour crew added ambiance and mood to the already vigorous atmosphere that Frankie and the Witch Fingers exuded. A great band performance that not only entertained on a Broadway level, but entertained and impressed on a musical level. If you’re into high energy Rock n Roll and want to dance, jump and shout all night long, Frankie and the Witch Fingers is your band. Prog-Metal at its best!